Can be used in a variety of situations, from large-scale banquets to family gatherings.

The Japanese banquet hall has 7 large and small rooms that can accommodate up to 100 people. There are 3 Western-style banquet halls that can accommodate up to 350 people.
We welcome not only large groups for meetings, study camps, and school trips, but also small groups such as families for New Year's celebrations and memorial services. Please feel free to contact us.

  • day trip

Year-end celebration plan (day trip)

year-end celebration is an event to celebrate a milestone year.
This is a great opportunity to confirm and deepen your family ties while ensuring your loved one lives a long and healthy life. Please feel free to use it at Ryutoen.

Kanreki…60 years old / Koki…70 years old / Kiju…77 years old
Sanju…80 years old / Beiju…88 years old / Sotsuju…90 years old
Hakuju…99 years old / Hyakuju…100 years old
※each numbered year

Business period
Business period
・Free rental of a padded sleeveless kimono jacket and hood sets (red, purple, yellow, and white sets available)
・Free mini-the ritual of breaking open sake barrels set rental.
・Celebration banner photo shoot
※ A private room will be provided.
  • Day Trip

Banquet Plan(day trip)

A ritual banquet to cherish the "relationships" left behind by the deceased. The more particular you are, the more time it will take to prepare and the more difficult it will be to clean up. If the bereaved family members become exhausted during the memorial service, it will actually cause worry for the deceased person.
Please let us help you with the time-consuming preparation of the food and venue.

・If you would like to bring a photograph of the deceased or a memorial tablet, we will provide a space for you to enshrine it.
※A private room will be provided.
Charged option
・We also prepare information letters on your behalf.
・A spiritual offering meal (gobutsuzen) offered to the deceased.
・Packed lunch boxes that can be delivered to your home or venue.
・Arranging gifts and sweets.
  • 1 night and 2 meals included

Group training plan with accommodation

Rich nature, hot springs, and healthy meals will make your training a success!!
It can be used for meetings, training, seminars, lectures, information exchange meetings, etc.
※ One night and two meals included, rooms are limited to occupancy.

[Plan A: Dinner includes bento gozen and Japanese set meals.] 10,450 yen~
[Plan B: Dinner that also serves as a social gathering or banquet] 12,100 yen~
[Plan C: Mainly for social gatherings and banquets] 14,300 yen~
・Use fees for conference rooms, etc. are half the regular fee.
・Coffee at meetings and training sessions is also half price.
Charged option
・All-you-can-drink with dinner for 2,500 yen per person (tax included)
・Lunch starts from 1,650 yen per person (tax included)
Please Note
・Excluding Golden Week, Obon, and New Year holidays
・3,300 yen (tax included) extra per person on days before holidays
  • 1 night and 2 meals included

Group training plan with accommodation

Approximately 80% of our facilities are Japanese-style rooms, making them suitable for lodging and training camps for team competitions.
We have many years of experience in providing lodging for sports groups and school trips.
In addition, in the future, we would like to evolve so that all athletes can stay with peace of mind based on the origins of Ryutoen: "health," "environment," and "impression."

Please contact us
Free use of conference rooms, etc.

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