Full of facilities including pool, rose garden, night garden, etc.

In addition to hot springs and meals, there are also plenty of public spaces such as a pool (only available in summer), a night garden, a BBQ corner, and a karaoke lounge!
As a hot spring inn that families and groups can enjoy, we offer a variety of services.

Summer only



There are three pools to enjoy including the wave pool, water slider, and children's pool.

Business period
July 15th - September 3rd, 2023
※Depending on the situation, we may change the schedule or temporarily close.
Business period
Pool 10:00 ~ 17:00
Night Pool 18:00~21:00
Admission fee
Adults (junior high school students and above) 1,500 yen / Elementary school student 1,000 yen / Infant (3 years old and over) 600 yen / Free for children under 3 years old
Night Pool
Adults (junior high school students and above) 2,000 yen / Elementary school student 1,200 yen / Infant (3 years old and over) 600 yen / Free for children under 3 years old

Spring/Autumn limited

rose garden

Rose Garden

There is a "Rose Garden" next to the hotel's parking lot with 400 roses of 60 different varieties.
The colorful and unique roses bloom in spring from mid-May to mid-June, and in autumn from mid-October to mid-November.
※A separate admission fee of 500 yen will be charged during the flowering period.

Event period
Late May to early June and late October to November
※ Depending on the situation, we may change the schedule or temporarily close.
Admission fee
Free for in-house users only
(Use of the rose garden only is prohibited.)

All year round

hot spring table tennis

Hot Spring Table Tennis

How about some hot spring table tennis after your meal, hot spring bath, or pool? There are two table tennis tables available on the first floor of the Palace Building, so if you would like to use them, please ask at the front desk.

Usage time
15:00 ~ 22:00
1,100 yen per hour
How to use
Reception at the front desk

Held in spring and summer

Night Garden

Night Garden

Illuminated night garden. From April to October, it becomes a popular night BBQ venue for families! Enjoy your BBQ while watching the flickering flames of torches. In addition to BBQ, it can also be used as a walking course.

Usage time
18:00 ~ 21:00 ※Up to 2 hours from the start of your meal
Garden BBQ
Adults 3,500 yen/Children 2,500 yen (available for 5 or more people)
Stove/tableware/basic ingredients are provided at the hotel.
How to use
Reception by phone ※ Advance reservation required


SUP rental

SUP Rental

The river is wide and has a gentle flow on the south side of Kanjinbashi Bridge, between Yodome Shrine in Ryutoen Garden, and is perfect for SUP (stand up paddle boarding).

Usage time
10:00 ~ 15:00
1 set 2 hours 2,200 yen
How to use
Reception by phone ※ Advance reservation required

Banquets/party after-parties, etc.

special room

Karaoke pub

A karaoke space that can be used for banquets and after-parties. Available for a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 40 people.

Usage time
20:00 ~ 23:00
Admission fee
3,000 yen per person for 90 minutes (available for 10 or more people)
All-you-can-sing karaoke, all-you-can-drink whiskey and shochu for 90 minutes
How to use
Reception at the front desk


Banquet Hall/Conference Room

Banquet Hall

We have Japanese-style banquet halls of various sizes.

Japanese Style

Japanese style banquet hall

Japanese Style Banquet Hall

There are 7 pure Japanese-style banquet rooms of various sizes. Banquets can be held for up to 100 people.

Chairs and tables available

At our hotel, we basically provide seating in our dining halls, with chairs and tables in Western banquet halls, and high dining style seating in Japanese banquet halls (chairs and tables in tatami halls).
If you would like a Japanese banquet hall with cushions, please contact us in advance.

Western style

Western style banquet hall

Western Style Banquet Hall

We have a large hall that you can choose from for various purposes, such as large-scale meetings, training sessions, exhibitions, and various parties. There are three large and medium halls, Senshin, Houou, and Suiran, which are multipurpose halls that can accommodate up to 350 people.

Conference Hall

We have a conference room that can accommodate up to 60 people.
There are five rooms: Oimatsu, Hourai, Chosei, Tenzan and Kitayama.

Banquet hall・conference room
Banquet hall・conference room


In-house map

In-house map

※Please scroll to the left to view.

Equipment Outline

Check-in 15:00/Check-out 11:00
※If dinner is included, please check in by 7pm at the latest so that you can start eating. If you are staying without dinner, it is OK to arrive late at night.
※As a countermeasure against the coronavirus, we will prepare your room with futons laid out in advance to reduce contact.
Total number of accommodations available
356 people
Total number of rooms
78 rooms (56 Japanese-style rooms, 9 Western-style rooms, 4 special rooms, 7 modern Western-style rooms, 2 barrier-free Western rooms)
Banquet Hall
清流・山水・山月・風月・芙蓉・菖蒲・石楠花 South Building 4F / 湖水 Palace Building 2F
洗心 Main Building 8F / さらら Main Building 5F / 鳳凰 South Building 5F / 翠嵐 Palace Building 2F / Multipurpose Hall Palace Building 1F
Conference Room
老松・蓬莱 South Building 5F / 北山・天山 Palace Building 2F
Large Public Bath
Seseragi (indoor bath, open-air bath, mist sauna) 1 male and 1 female
Large parking lot
Accommodates 200 cars. Large vehicles can also be parked.
Laundry Corner
There are 4 washing machines on the 1st floor of the Palace Building that you can use free of charge.
・A dryer is not included.
・Please bring your own detergent. (Also sold at the front desk)
・It will also be used for in-house work.
Other equipment
Healthy restaurant "清風亭" / Pub "Flash Dragon" / Coffee lounge / Pool (wave pool, children's pool, waterslide) / Wedding hall / Garden chapel / Shop / Hot spring table tennis /

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